Customer survey.

Use the form below to let us know how satisfied you are with our services. The completion takes about 5 minutes. We appreciate your feedback.

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Audit contract

1. You recently booked an audit at improveQM. How did you find out about us?

2. How satisfied were you with the tender preparation (comprehensibility, complexity, as requested)?

3. Did we meet your preferred date?

Audit preparation

4. Did we conduct any audit preparations?

5. Did we involve you and your employees in the audit preparation adequately?

6. Did we consider any customer complaints and create a turtle diagram?

7. How satisfied were you with the audit preparations?


8. Was the time for the audit sufficient?

9. Did we examine the previously defined focus areas sufficiently?

10. Would you say that all risks were discovered during the audit and your expectations have been met?

Audit evaluation

11. How would you rate the transparency of the result?

12. How satisfied were you with the quality, the scope and the comprehensibility of the reporting?

13. Did you receive the report at the specified time?


14. Were you satisfied with the demeanour of your improveQM auditor(s) and their interaction with the supplier?

15. Are you convinced of the auditor-team’s skills and expertise?

16. Did we overcome any intercultural barriers, e.g. regarding language or cultural soft skills?

17. Would you recommend improveQM?


18. In the future, which other audits might you be interested in?